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Our Mission

Our mission at Global Travel Expert is to make global travel as easy and enjoyable as possible. To this end, we bring several years of travel industry expertise, a network of reliable personnel from around the world, an ability to bridge cultures and skills in managing complex environments.

Corporate Philosophy

Our philosophy at Global Travel Experts is that all business is personal. We treat people as individuals who deserve utmost care and respect. It is the right thing to do and it ensures thoughtful decisions and drives superior performance which helps us to build and sustain a successful company. If you are not satisfied we won’t be satisfied either.

Global Travel Experts is an innovative and rare concept ever heard in the Travel Industry A result of a simple thought and belief that the creative drive of our management, staff and shareholders to succeed will ensure that our clients will receive the absolute pinnacle of personalized service and product delivery. Ultimately our goal is to assist you in expanding your market share and growing your business. Your success is our success. Global Travel Experts has several experienced travel executives and managers who are ready to assist you in planning your casual, leisure or corporate travel needs.

Global Travel Experts provides destination management services for:

Any travel destinations around the world in Europe, USA, Australia New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, UAE, South Africa to name a few. We can provide excellent accommodations in 135 countries in 39,000 star rated properties. We can provide local services in any countries where we have carefully chosen our partners who will provide best possible services to make your trip a memorable one.